Friday, January 1, 2016

2015's Failed Prediction

Last year on January 1, I posted an article called 2015: The Year Everything Breaks.  I prefaced it by saying my intuition has a habit of being wrong but I wanted to be on record anyway.

Well, I was wrong.  Everything didn't break.  I'm not really surprised.  On reflection, the reason is obvious.  Everything was already broken.  Intellect was speaking, not intuition.

Folks, I don't think we're going to recover from the downward spiral we're on.  The catastrophe we're hurtling towards is terrifying, but nobody with the power to do so will do anything to stop it.  It won't be climate change.  It won't be the world economy collapsing.  It won't be some ghastly global conflict.  It will be all three.